The Omicron Framework is the brainchild of Ivan Leon.

Omicron is a collection of sub-projects guided by a philosophy for how technology and artificial intelligence should facilitate and enhance the every day, mundane interactions humans have with the world around them. The ubiquity of smartphones and the internet enabled large-scale infrastuctural changes and became cognitive enhancements that put an ever-growing wealth of information and tools at the fingertips of billions of people. Artificial intelligence, if designed correctly, has the potential to catalyze another paradigm shift that can bring about solutions to human problems from the minute, daily interactions people have with their objects and environments to enormous, urgent problems that plague society as a whole.

Different tools are needed for different jobs, of course, but in our ever more connected world, it’s important that the tools that we build and use are grounded by a core set of ideals that drive their development. This is especially important with artificial intelligence as we move further into a reality where the data that we produce as citizens of the virtual world become currency that has the potential to provide us with services and personalization, but also has the potential to be used against us in oppressive ways.

More information coming soon.